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Pair of type 300-123 PUCHAŁY armchairs / men’s version


The armchairs were designed in the second half of the 1950s by Mieczysław Puchała in two versions: men’s, with a lower, wider shape, and women’s, with slightly smaller dimensions and characteristic curved armrests.
Both models were implemented and produced in Bystrzyckie Zakłady Meblowe.

A pair of unique men’s armchairs has undergone carpentry and upholstery renovation.
Wooden frames made of light beech wood have been cleaned of the old coating.
They are painted with stain and then protected with several layers of semi-matt varnish to bring out and emphasize their natural beauty.
The upholstery sponges have been replaced and covered with a modern, high-quality fabric.

Total height: 82 cm
Seat height: 44 cm
Depth: 55 cm
Width: 56 cm

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