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Pair of type 68 armchairs from Prudnik


Set of furniture for living room dates from 1967. Was produced in Poznan in Union of the Furniture Industry, by Furniture Factory in Głuchów, Division of Upholstered Furniture in Prudnik.
The set was made from high quality of beech wood with beautiful grain.

The carpentry as well as the upholstery was renovated so as to render its original character as faithfully as possible.
Wooden frames were cleaned form old varnish, re-stained and secured with few layers of semi-glossy varnish.
In the upholstered elements, sponges were replaced and the original springs were tied up again. The set was finished with high quality fabric, that reflects the current character in style and color referring to the 60’s canon.

Total height: 74 cm
Seat height: 37 cm
Depth: 65 cm
Width: 56 cm

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