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Set of 4 BUMERANG chairs


BUMERANG is one of the most recognizable Polish models of chairs from the post-war period. Chairs designed at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, manufactured in Gościcińska Fabryka Mebli, a leading production plant of the Furniture Industry Association in the times of the Polish People’s Republic.
The name of the chair comes from the characteristic, arched shape of the legs.
In this type of chair No. 200-104 / B, the back is made of plywood with a clearly outlined wood grain pattern.

The set of chairs has undergone carpentry and upholstery renovation.
Old paint coatings have been removed, the wood has been sanded and protected again with a colorless varnish.
The upholstery fillings have been replaced and finished with modern fabrics of a very good quality.

Total height: 75 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Width: 42 cm

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